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Class Photo

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Splash Planet

On Wednesday the 12th of December, Team 1 were lucky enough to go to Splash Planet in Hastings.  This was made possible by donations from Scanpower, MCI and Lloyd, Dodsonand Pringle.  Thank you to Mrs. Heald for organising this.  We were also lucky that  Miss Hutchings's  brother is the manager.
We left school at 9.00 a.m.  When we got to Splash Planet a man came and talked to us about the rules.  Then we had some morning tea.  We got changed into our togs and were allowed to swim in  two of the pools - the mushroom pool and the pirate pool.  It was a cloudy day and some people got quite cold.  We got changed to have lunch and then we were lucky enough to have a ride on the train.  Everyone enjoyed their day.

Growing and Gardening

For our unit for this term we are studying gardening and growing which will then lead into a study on 5+ a day and fruit and vegetables.

In the first week of term we read the big book called, "The Sunflower Tree," and did paintings of sunflowers and wrote stories about these.  Feel free to come in and look at the children's great work.  We also planted some giant sunflower seeds.

We read the book, "The Great Bean Race," and are trying different ways of looking after them to find out what grows best. Some of the seeds are in normal soil and some in seed-raising mix, some are getting watered and some aren't, some are in the daylight and some in the dark.
We have  also planted some rocket, cucumber, lettuce and tomato seeds.

Saturday, 20 October 2012


For the first part of the term our art topic is modelling. We used clay to make some little pinch pots. Here are our attempts:


On Wednesday the 17th of October, South School had some visitors from Manawatu Cricket. They came to teach us some ball skills and to encourage us to play Have-A-Go Cricket. Cricket starts on Thursday the 25th of October at the Upper Domain.

Tararua Library Visit

As we are not able to visit our school library, on Friday Room 2 walked down to the Tararua Library. Nikki Price, the childrens librarian, read us two stories and then we had a look at some books. The children who already belong to the library were allowed to bring their library card to school so they could issue a book. All other children, were given an enrolement form and some brochures about the library. It would be great if parents could complete these forms and return them to the Taraua Library before our visit in two weeks time.


For the first two weeks of Term 4 we are learning about fractions.  We are learning to cut shapes in half and a quarter, colour a half and a quarter of a shape, draw the other half of a shape and read and write 1/2 and a 1/4. We are also learning how to find half of the objects in a set.
One of the activities we did to find half of a number was to use pegboards and pegs with a rubber band.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Car Safety With Constable Kendrick

On Wednesday the 29th of September Constable Kendrick came back to talk to us about Car Safety.

Here is Grace's Story:
I went in the front of the car.  It was Constable Kendrick's car.  It was fun because you wouldn't usually go in the car when you were not naughty.